I am Brandy, hear me roar… just kidding. I do holler from time to time but I have three kids and a dog that a very young passerby thought was a horse so, what can I say, it gets the job done.

Anyhow. I am thirty years old (as a child, I thought that was the age a person knew everything…so wrong!) and I have a happy family. My life isn’t like other peoples’ lives for so many reasons and that’s why I write. I used to think all the time, if people only got to know me, I think they would find I’ve got some pretty interesting stuff floating around in my noggin. Not because I am perfect or amazing or anything else; no, I just happen to have a decent combination of crazy experiences, interesting lessons, and I have Attention Deficit Disorder so I literally think about a million different things with a million different perspectives all day long every day. ( and often way too long into the night… creativity tends to beget insomnia, lol)

I want to share some of the fun with others because life is about the collaboration of ideas, big and small. Life is about the journey AND the destination, especially if it’s a good one right! and so that is what I am after.

Oh, and I make stuff too. It’s all part of the journey.


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